Design students create logo for city’s Forum on Awareness and Action

Kayla Schantz

Two ISU students created a logo with the message “One Voice, One Community” for the city of Ames as part of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week that runs until Saturday.

Gail Dixon, senior in graphic design, and Krystal Kopp, junior in graphic design, were asked to design the logo as a project in their graphic design practicum.

“[My professor] saw my work and was thinking I was doing really well with logo design, so she wanted me to have another practice at it,” Kopp said.

The logo represents the city’s annual Forum on Awareness and Action, an event during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. This year’s theme, “One Voice, One Community,” and the logo will be used on posters, banners, fliers and websites to promote the meeting.

The students were contacted by Vanessa Baker-Latimer, housing coordinator for the city of Ames and organizer of Forum on Awareness and Action. While they did not have any specific requirements for the design of the logo, Baker-Latimer wanted it “to be colorful and portray the message through the logo,” Dixon said.

The two students divided the project; Dixon worked on the imagery of the logo while Kopp did the text.

Dixon said she spent time researching the project and coming up with sketches and ideas to find “different ways of approaching it.”

“In the end it was really simple,” Dixon said.

The logo displays three figures: two tall people on either side of a smaller person, all with their arms out-stretched. The characters are all different shades of blue. Dixon said using the same color for the three figures in the logo shows unity.

The text “One Voice, One Community” is in orange. Kopp said she chose the color “because it contrasted the color of the logo that [Dixon] had created.”

“I chose the best typeface to go with the logo,” Kopp said. “We made it very clean and neat.”

The students were recognized at the Ames City Council meeting Nov. 9 during a proclamation given by Mayor Ann Campbell for National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

“I’ve worked with other nonprofit clients … so I’m kind of used to designing logos for clients in class,” Dixon said. “But I hadn’t worked with a nonprofit that had a really powerful message that would impact the community and be used in a lot of different platforms and locations.”

The Forum on Awareness and Action will involve local programs such as ACCESS, Bethesda Lutheran Church, Emergency Residence Project, Ames First United Methodist Church — Food At First, Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, Mid-Iowa Community Action, Inc. and Youth and Shelter Services, Inc.

The “One Voice, One Community” forum will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the Commons Hall, Bethesda Lutheran Church, 1517 Northwestern Ave.