Homecoming Queen: Erin Curtis


Rebekka Brown/Iowa State Daily

Nate Dobbels, senior double majoring in agriculture education and international agriculture, was selected as 2010 Homecoming King with Erin Curtis, senior in kinesiology and health, as the 2010 Homecoming Queen.

Amy Thompson

When Erin Curtis was applying for college, she never thought she would end up at Iowa State. But she did end up here and is going out with a bang. She is the 2010 homecoming queen.

“I didn’t expect it at all,” Curtis said. “I am really excited about winning, and it’s a huge honor. I am super humbled.”

Curtis said she applied mainly for the scholarship. The winners are very involved with campus activities and work hard in the classroom.

Curtis is from St. Louis and is a senior in kinesiology and health, but that’s not why she came here. She was very anti-Iowa, but when she was looking for schools, she found out that Iowa State had an excellent hotel and restaurant management program, and chose to come here for that.

“It’s really cliché, but this was the first school I visited, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I knew this was the school for me,” Curtis said.

She started to get involved right away when she stepped on campus. Dancing is one of her passions, so she joined Dance Marathon.

“Dance Marathon has my heart. It is such a worthwhile organization,” Curtis said.

Curtis has a lot of pride in the university.

“Just being able to say without a doubt that this school is for me – I love it here, ISU has proud traditions, and most are proud to be a Cyclone,” Curtis said.

When Curtis has free time, she likes to stay active. She teaches kickboxing and spin classes at the recreation center and loves sports. The St. Louis Cardinals are her favorite baseball team.

Curtis will graduate in December, and she really doesn’t have plans beyond that. She will come back in January for Dance Marathon, but other than that it is all up in the air. She said she would really like to go abroad and do service work at some point after graduation.