Colleges celebrate homecoming

Tyler Kai, sophomore in psychology, attempts to dry the paint that he painted on Victory Lane, with his baseball camp, Sunday, Oct. 24, at the Iowa State Center parking lot.

Amy Thompson

Homecoming is the time of year when the whole school gathers to celebrate Iowa State, and alumni come back to remember what Iowa State is all about. All things associated with homecoming are open to all the university, so make sure to join the crowds.

Some colleges participated in the painting of Victory Lane from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Victory Lane is the main road that goes through the tailgating lots, and colleges or others can register to paint a square of the road to express their team spirit.

While not all colleges partake in homecoming events, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is sponsoring the food on campus Monday, and the College of Human Sciences and the College of Design are in charge of Wednesday, said Kayla Hunefeld, public relations chairwoman for Homecoming Central Committee.