Homecoming King: Nate Dobbels


Rebekka Brown/Iowa State Daily

Nate Dobbels and Erin Curtis chase Banana and Gorilla Friday at Central Campus.

Amy Thompson

Nate Dobbels is a jack-of-all-trades. He is vice president of the student body, former chess club member, a recruitment and morale captain for Dance Marathon, an honors student and now homecoming king.

He is honored to receive the award, and will be participating in homecoming events all week.

“Winning this award is a tremendous honor. But I want people to remember that I am homecoming king for everyone else. My family, the students and for ISU pride,” Dobbels said.

Dobbels is from Galva, Ill., and thought he would be destined to go to an in-state school. However he Googled the best school for his major, agricultural and life sciences education, and Iowa State popped up. So he booked a campus tour with his parents, and he fell in love with Iowa State.

“I felt like I was at home. I thought this is where I could succeed and meet my goals,” Dobbels said.

When he got to Iowa State, he got involved with the president leadership class and the honors program. Ever since, one club has led into the next. 

To keep track of his obligations, Dobbels’ entire life is on a Google calendar. He is typically a very time-oriented and organized person, which is how he is able to juggle all of his activities.

When Dobbels has some free time he loves going to athletic events and hanging out with friends. One of his favorite things to do at Iowa State is cheer at home basketball games wearing a gorilla suit. That’s how some people know him.

“It was started on my birthday, and I just kept going with it. People seem to really enjoy the gorilla suit,” Dobbels said.

Like many Iowa Staters, Dobbels’ favorite event is Veishea. He thinks it is a wonderful tradition and a great time to bring people back to Iowa State and share memories. And the cherry pies don’t hurt either; they’re his favorite part.

Dobbels isn’t sure what he is going to do after graduation, and is still looking at options. As for applying for homecoming next year, he said it is a no-go.

“Winning something like this makes me really happy, but I feel someone else deserves the award,” Dobbels said.