Greek lawn display homecoming traditions continue on

FarmHouse continues to build up their lawn displays Thursday, Oct. 21. Work will conclude and the show will begin the Friday of Homecoming, with other activities that day such as Pep Rally, fireworks and mass Campaniling.

Lindsay Calvert


sound of hammers, drills and saws can be heard throughout the greek

community as members prepare for lawn display skits.


out of the 13 house pairings for homecoming are constructing a lawn

display depicting a famous landmark from Iowa State that fits into

the homecoming theme “Highlight of the Year.” 


group has a budget of $3,100 to spend on material, lighting and

other expenses for their lawn display. The display is judged on

originality, craftsmanship, motion, lighting and compliance to the

overall homecoming theme.


State is the only university that has lawn displays,” said Aaron

Williams, member of Homecoming Central Committee and sophomore in

agricultural business. “Alumni love to come back and see this

unique tradition each year,” Williams said. Last year more than

2,000 people watched the displays. 



Preston, chairman for homecoming for Alpha Gamma Rho, said the

planning for lawn displays began almost immediately after classes

start at the beginning of the semester.


year the lawn displays get bigger and better, Preston said. Alpha

Gamma Rho, Gamma Phi Beta and Theta Chi won bragging rights for

lawn display last year. Alpha Gamma Rho has placed in the top two

the past three years.


pairing turned in a patent that included the rough sketch of the

display Sept. 24. A pairing includes a large fraternity, sorority

and a small fraternity. The building began Sept. 25 and will

continue until 6:00 p.m. Oct. 29 before the judging



group writes a 5- to 10-minute skit that they will perform on

Friday night during ExCYtement in the Streets. The skit is judged

on creativity, costumes, sounds and overall appearance.


displays have had a long-standing tradition in the greek community

during Homecoming Week. Dwayne Faidley, president of Alpha Gamma

Rho in 1994, said people really took ownership of their lawn

displays when he was in a fraternity. “Some of the guys lived out

in the front yard.”


year brings the same events with new excitement. It is really all

about making the most of the experience,” said Andy Pringnitz,

president of Farmhouse. “If you work hard and have fun along the

way, any additional recognition is a bonus.”


panel of university and community representatives will begin the

judging around 8:00 p.m. Oct. 29.