Celebrate fall with Horticulture Club

Kellie Walters, left, sorts apples in preparation for the Fall Festival.

Photo: Tessa Callender/Iowa State Daily

Kellie Walters, left, sorts apples in preparation for the Fall Festival.

Whitney Sager

For those craving a juicy apple or needing a pumpkin to carve, the Horticulture Club has a solution.

This will be the third year for the Horticulture Club Fall Festival. Debra Zelle, junior in horticulture and chairwoman of the festival committee, said similar events were held at the research station in previous years, but were not as successful as the Fall Festival has been.

“It’s a chance for people to get out to the farm and see what we do,” said Winston Beck, junior in horticulture and Horticulture Club project coordinator.

This year the Horticulture Club invited other clubs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to partake in the activities.

“We wanted to invite other clubs in order to integrate the whole agriculture community,” Zelle said.

The Forestry Club will have a timber sports demonstration for festival-goers to participate in. Other clubs at the festival include the Dairy Science and Block & Bridle Clubs, as well as the Alpha Zeta sorority.

Horticulture Club members will be selling apples and pumpkins grown at the research station. The variety of apple to be sold is Chieftain, a variety developed at the research station.

The club will also be selling apple cider from Deal’s Orchard in Jefferson, Iowa.

The money raised from the sales will go toward the cost of holding the festival and the rest will be put in the Horticulture Club’s general fund to be used for various activities and events.

Other activities include guided tours, speakers and activities for kids.

The guided tours of the farm will begin at 11:30 a.m. and will last approximately 45 minutes. The tours will be led by Nick Howell, superintendent of the Horticulture Research Station.

“We’re hoping lots of people come out and put in suggestions about what we should do,” Zelle said.

The Horticulture Club encourages the community to come to the Fall Festival to learn about horticulture and the various projects that go on at the research station.

“In horticulture our point is to grow things,” Beck said. “That’s what we try to do, grow ourselves, grow the farm and grow our community.”