Student-run radio station in Ames has show openings

Ethan Subra

Wanted: An Iowa State student who has a passion for music and current events and willing to take on the challenge of sharing his or her passion with other students and the Ames community.

KURE 88.5 FM radio is a student-produced and student-run radio station that broadcasts all genres of music as well, as live coverage of ISU sporting events, along with weather updates and talk shows.

KURE radio has time slots available for students who want their own show.

Students can either print off a DJ application from the KURE website or go to KURE’s office in the basement of Friley Hall and get one there.

“Usually within about a week you can get your own show,” said Molly Clark, senior in journalism and mass communication. “We always need new DJs. This semester we don’t have as many shows as usual.”

Clark is in her third year as a DJ at KURE radio. She started her show as a sophomore without any previous radio experience.

“I like the opportunity to find new music and new bands. I like to have people listen to the music that I’m listening to,” Clark said. “Being a journalism major, I think it’s important to know different mediums used to broadcast news.”

Being a DJ, your responsibilities include doing a two-hour show each week and providing whatever music you would like your audience to listen to.

“More people have been having live bands or interviews on their show,” Clark said.

Clark is on air 8 to 10 p.m. Mondays.

KURE is an entirely volunteer-run radio station.

“It’s good experience and a good way to get exposed to lots of new music,” Clark said.

“I find it pretty cool that, as students, we can get free airtime.” said Casey Petrashek, senior in marketing. Petrashek is the current underwriting director at KURE radio and a soon-to-be KURE DJ.

Petrashek likes working at KURE because everyone there wants to be, and it also gives him a few hours during the week to listen to the music he likes.

Future KURE events include Kaleidoquiz and an 1980s dance party. Kaleidoquiz is scheduled for March 4-5, 2011 and the date for the dance party has not been announced.