Iowa State fall blood drive entertains

Edward Leonard

Did anyone else love the music at the blood drive? It made my whole blood-letting experience more enjoyable.

I walked into the room and was pretty much immediately taken back in time to all of the poorly-DJed high school dances from years ago; from Def Leppard to Jet to Falloutboy.

Thank you, American Red Cross, for your lovely whiff of nostalgia. It made my absurdly long wait in line much more enjoyable, and helped me pass the time during my second waiting period during the middle of the mini-physical. It was nice to be able to tap my toes to something during my stay in the torture chair — er — recliner, squeezing my little red stress ball every five seconds as instructed. I was also glad to have the stress ball during the whole ordeal, as the nurse attending me looked far more nervous than I would have liked considering her job was to jam a metal spike through my arm. It probably would’ve been insufferable otherwise. Everything from the lathering of enough iodine to drown a small child to the “oops” upon entry really reassured me.

Also, the one male nurse who was constantly dancing and held up the metal horns during some Red Hot Chilli Peppers music: Keep rocking that bowl haircut — it looked great on you. Also things like your throwing of the numbered waiting cards lent a professional feel to the whole experience. You’re pretty much my hero. Keep it up.