Tuesday rainfall causes minor flooding in Iowa State dorm

Matt Wettengel

Ames got 4.13 inches of rain from Tuesday night’s storm, according to the National Weather Service website.

Thunder and lightning preceded the storm’s rainfall, which overwhelmed a drain in Friley’s inner courtyard, causing water to enter Friley through the courtyard’s south entrance and run down the stairs to the first floor, said Brittney Rutherford, marketing coordinator for ISU Dining and the Department of Residence.

Both Friley hall directors declined to comment.

One room in Dodds House, on Friley’s first floor, also had water enter the window, which was quickly dried using fans and vacuums.

“This was an unfortunate circumstance of us receiving a lot of water in a quick amount of time, as we’ve seen a lot recently,” Rutherford said. “This was an isolated incident, and we will do everything we can to prevent that from happening again.”