What to do if you have no clue

Amy Thompson

We all have been there. Our hands get clammy and our mouths get dry. Then you realize that you are speechless. So much for rocking the socks off of the people you are about to introduce yourself to.

During the career fair, tensions can run high and sometimes you just need a booster.

Kim Caponi, associate director for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services, recently posted an article on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences blog InCyed Careers. 

Caponi’s blog includes tips about what to do when you get to the career fair, and how to keep your composure.

  • First and foremost, introduce yourself. It doesn’t matter what year you are, introductions are important. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just say your name, major and year, then hopefully the rest of the conversation will fall into place.
  • If you are still struggling ask questions about the company to whom you are talking to, here are some examples: “What do you like most about your job?” or, “Do you have an internship program?” Start with the basics and go from there.
  • Topics that should be avoided when talking to a potential employer are religion, criminal record, sex, race, color, national origin and disability. It’s just best to stay away from those questions.
  • If all fails resort to a neutral topic. The weather or Iowa are perfect topics. Grapple your mind for anything that you could relate to the company.

Worst-case scenario: You totally bomb this career fair. There will be one every semester until you graduate. No big deal, but you really should try your hardest.

Contact your career services department — each college has it’s own — if you want help or more information on rockin’ your career fair experience.