Students develop CyRide application for Android devices


Graphic: Kenyon Shafer/Iowa State Daily

Cyride – Android Application

Torey Robinson

CyRide users now have route maps, timetables and the CyRide hotline at their fingertips.

Two ISU students developed a CyRide mobile application for Android-based devices and released it for public download Sept. 5.

The developers said they created the application because they recognized a need for the technology. 

“Carrying around paper maps with times isn’t really convenient,” said John Moffitt, co-developer and sophomore in computer science. “We’re always carrying around our phone — why not make them do more?”

“We decided to make it a personal project,” said Robert Hill, co-developer and junior in computer engineering. 

The application features route maps, stop timetables and “Dial-A-Ride,” where users can contact CyRide for more information.

But Hill and Moffitt don’t plan to stop there.

“We’re hoping to get the CyRide Twitter feed up soon,” Hill said. 

The ability to punch in a starting point and an ending point and have the application return the fastest route is something the duo is developing, Hill said. 

Moffitt said the pair is open to suggestions and wants to hear feedback — especially if bugs are found in the application. Users can contact the students at [email protected] if they have questions or concerns.

Since its release, the application has been downloaded 87 times.