Job Q&A — Callie Erickson

Amy Thompson

Name: Callie Erickson

Majors: agricultural business, accounting, and economics

Job: Farm Service Agency in Iowa Falls as a farm loan officer trainee

1. How did you hear about the job? Did you attend the Career Fairs before finding it?

I had talked with a gentleman from the company in the past about an internship and he contacted me to inform me about the opening for a full-time position.

2. Why do you think you got the job? What made you stand out from the other candidates?

I think I got it because I had a good interview and I made sure to state why I felt I should deserve the job over someone else. I think I stood out because I had a major in both ag business and accounting.

3. What was your favorite memory from your job?

My favorite memory from my job would have to be attending training in Phoenix and meeting a ton of wonderful people that I get to work with.

4. What was the biggest thing you learned from the experience?

There isn’t really one biggest thing I have learned because I have been learning a lot about the company and regulations on loans. I learned it stinks picking out a health insurance plan option out of 100 different plans.

5. What advice would you give to student job seekers?

Attend career fairs and don’t be afraid to talk to company representatives. Networking is key, because it is not what you know it’s whom you know. Internships help build a network and give advantages to students looking for jobs. Also start looking now for jobs, especially in the ag industry because interviews will start taking place in October.