Intern Q&A – Nitin Jagwani

Giovanna Rajao

Name: Nitin Jagwani

Year: Junior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Where was the job: Florida

1. How did you hear about the job? Did you attend the Career Fairs before finding it?

I saw flyers about an informational meeting the Disney recruitment team was giving on campus. I decided to go since I’ve never been to Disney and because I was interested in learning about positions available in the company.

2. Why do you think you got the job? What made you stand out from the other candidates?

I had enough work experience and a GPA that really impressed the company. Also, I was an all-rounder, and I showed diversity. The company was looking for someone different that had more than just grades and a good resume.

3. What was your favorite memory from your internship?

I was in one of the attractions where the waiting time was 75 minutes. I saw a party of four where two kids looked like they were exhausted, one of which was barely tall enough to go on the ride. I decided to take them backstage and put them on a ride. Instead of having to wait 75 minutes, they waited for only 5 minutes to go on the ride. This is considered a typical “magical moment” of Disney.

4. What was the biggest thing you learned from the experience?

Managing studies and work. Also, how working in college is different from working in the real world.

5. What advice would you give to student job seekers?

Keep building work experience. Join different organizations, and be an all-rounder. Be an overall achiever. Studying all the time won’t help. You have to go out there and experience what’s new even if it doesn’t apply to your field of study.