Resume tips

Kendra Alley

Making sure your resume is in perfect shape to give to potential employers is one of the first steps of preparation for the career fair. Barbara Mack, associate professor of journalism and mass communication, had advice for students.

“Think about what will make the employer want to hire you, think about what will make you look different,” Mack said.

Here are some resume pointers that will help you shape up your resume and score an interview.

1. List name, address, phone number and e-mail.

  • Keep e-mail address simple and professional.

2. Highest level of education listed first.

3. Prioritize content of resume.

  • Biggest achievements listed first.

4. Don’t list anything from high school.

5. Be concise.

  • For example, “Implemented and executed thought-engaging programs with the purpose of maximizing camp participation,” can be changed to “Successfully implemented thought-engaging programs,” Mack said.

6. Have a crisp and organized design.

  • This will help to convince employers to look at your resume.
  • Unique designs are more likely to catch employers attention, but don’t get carried away. Simple and readable is best.

7. Use powerful wording and action verbs.

  • For example, “Set up events” can be changed to “Coordinated and organized large events,” Mack said.

8. Job responsibilities need to include examples of what you did on a daily basis.

9. List volunteer activities that you have had significant involvement in.

10. Proofread for grammatical and punctuation errors.

11. Make resume easy to scan by leaving sufficient white space.

12. Use underlining, bolding and bullets to emphasize qualifications.

13. Don’t use first-person language.

14. “If you have done anything unusual embrace it,” Mack said.

  • Unusual activities will grab an employers attention and help them remember you.