Lied opening waits for test result

Torey Robinson

Lied Recreation Athletic Center’s reopening depends on one final test result.

Two of the three environmental tests returned positive, said Mike Giles, director of Recreation Services. Officials are waiting on the results of the third before beginning to reopen the building.

Results could be back as soon as Monday afternoon.

“Once we get the OK, we still have a day or day and a half of work to do before we can let students back in,” Giles said. “We want to get patrons back in there as soon as we can.”

Giles said he wants to do additional cleaning, inventory and train new employees prior to opening the building. 

“We haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of the things we do prior to the school year starting,” he said.

The climbing wall and racquetball courts will not be available when Lied first opens because of flood damage, Giles said. It is also questionable whether the building will have hot water.

“We are confident our students and patrons will work through the issues remaining,” he said.

Lied was forced to close its doors in order to properly dehumidify after 2 feet of water flooded the first floor on Aug. 11.  

Since its seal on Aug. 22, students and Lied membership holders have been able to use Ames Racquet and Fitness Center facilities free of charge.

“We’ve seen a positive response from the ISU community,” said Brett Halverson, membership representative for Ames Racquet and Fitness. “We can’t tell exactly how many students have been using our center, but individuals have been thankful for a place to go with Lied closed.”