Board of Regents debates college’s request for cash

Abigail Barefoot

The Iowa Board of Regents will meet Wednesday and Thursday in Ames and will decide whether it will grant Iowa State’s request for $32 million.

The ISU Virtual Reality Applications Center is requesting $3 million for a new virtual-reality system that would allow soldiers to simulate ground combat. The system is entitled Mixed Reality Adaptive Generalizable Environment system and uses high-resolution projectors and specialized screens to simulate the combat experience.

The U.S. Army and Air Force would reimburse the regents for the system.

The university is requesting $28 million for the completion of Hach Hall and Phase 2 of the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Small Animal Hospital Renovation and Addition project. Hach Hall is the nearly completed chemistry building on campus. It is an 82,000-square-foot building with a cost of $78.1 million, and was constructed north of Davidson Hall.

Chemistry staff are already starting to move into the new building for fall classes.

Hach Hall will be the first addition to chemistry classroom and lab space since the addition to Gilman Hall 43 years ago.

Phase 2 of the Small Animal Hospital project includes 144,796 square feet of new and renovated areas. The hospital will feature species-specific waiting rooms, laboratories, rehabilitation and pharmacy.

The project is projected to be completed in fall 2012.