Lied Center to remain closed into weekend

Torey Robinson

Lied Recreation Athletic Center will remain closed until at least Friday.

Mike Giles, director of Recreational Services, said there are walls of Lied that are still at “higher-than-needed” moisture levels and that the building will not reopen until those areas are reasonably dry.

“We are doing our best to open the building in a timely and effective manner,” Giles said. “Our intention is to go to the full degree to make sure the building is OK to use before reopening. We do not want to open the building prematurely and then have a problem and have to close further down the road.”

Once ServiceMaster determines the moisture levels are in the ideal range, the company and the university’s environmental health and safety department will conduct tests to ensure the building is safe for students and patrons.

Giles said the beginning of the weekend was the earliest he could foresee Lied opening for use, but it was more likely to be next week.

Lied closed Aug. 22 to properly dehumidify walls. Students and members were able to use the facility prior to it being completely sealed, but it was interfering with the drying process. 

Students and Lied members are still able to use Ames Racquet and Fitness locations until Lied reopens. Cardio equipment was also transported from Lied to Beyer Hall for student use.