Student part-time jobs have several pros and cons

Kaleb Warnock

Many students are plagued with the question, “Should I get a job?” when they get to Iowa State. There are both positive and negative stipulations that come with having a job while in college.

Having a job consumes precious time and can sometimes be stressful. Although many students hold part-time jobs with relatively few hours, less than 20 if on campus, scheduling work around school events and study time can be tedious.

However, many students have part-time jobs because of the benefits. First of all, a bit of spending money is always a welcome relief for college students who often encounter additional expenses outside the cost of school supplies and living expenses. Disposable income also allows students to pay back student loans, invest in long-term savings accounts or save for graduate school.

A busy schedule that results from juggling a job can also have its benefits. As free time disappears, you will find that having an organized schedule is necessary to squeeze in homework and deadlines, and may even encourage you to work the hectic juggling act into a well-oiled and efficient schedule. In other words, being busy can motivate students to get things done and avoid procrastinating.

There are many employment opportunities available through the university and affiliated companies. The student job board is a likely place to find local job opportunities for both in-session and summer jobs. The student job board can be found on AccessPlus in the left column between Residence Contract and Tax Info under the student tab.

The student job board lists job opportunities by duration, area, location and category. Most of the jobs are in the Ames area and have been posted by Iowa State or companies and individuals in or near Ames.

The student job board isn’t the only place to find a job through the university. There are many unlisted opportunities that may take a little digging to find, but can be very beneficial. The best way to find these jobs is to keep an eye open and inquire about the work of your professors and instructors.

Iowa State is a research institution, and therefore, many professors are in need of paid and unpaid research assistants. There are also programs through the financial aid department for undergraduate research. Working with professors on their research is a great resume builder and also allows students to get more deeply involved with his or her major or related fields.

Research also opens up opportunities for valuable internships. Many departments have advisers specifically to help with finding students internships because they are required for many majors. Also, it never hurts to do more than one internship because they can often turn into careers after graduation.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the university and community, plus it can help with social networking and establish the connections to find those coveted letters of recommendation. Part-time jobs and volunteer opportunities allow students to escape from the stress of student life and be productive in an activity they want to do, rather than the sometimes daunting tasks of a college education.