Police discover dead student during welfare check Tuesday

James Heggen

Lucas Farlinger, 22, senior in management was found dead in his University Village apartment Tuesday night. Court records show he was scheduled to appear next week on child pornography charges. The indictment included one count of receipt of child porn, possession of child pornography and a forfeiture charge.

There is no proof of a connection between Farlinger’s charges and his death.

Farlinger was found after police were called to conduct a welfare check. The call came in at 9:16 p.m., said Aaron DeLashmutt of the ISU Police. 

A welfare check is when police believe a person’s safety may be in jeopardy. DeLashmutt said the call for the welfare check came from one of Farlinger’s family members who was concerned about his safety. 

DeLashmutt said police are still trying to determine if Farlinger lived alone. 

DeLashmutt said the autopsy could take six to eight weeks. 

No foul play is suspected, and now DeLashmutt said police are conducting interviews to try to determine what happened that night.

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