Tips for managing your study time

Ivy Christianson

Making the transition from high school to college life can be difficult. There are clubs you can join, parties to attend and friends to make. However, students must not forget reason they’re at college: academics. The Academic Success Center offers studying and time management tips to incoming freshmen:

– Get plenty of sleep

– Carry notes with you and review them whenever you have time

– Put all your major assignments, projects and exams on a wall calendar

– Keep track of your grades in each class

– Get a tutor before it’s too late

– Find quiet places to study

– Give yourself short breaks while you study

– Use flash cards to help you remember and rehearse retrieval of information

– Start research papers early

– Divide large projects into smaller steps

– Make use of daylight hours

– Study before a class that requires discussion or frequently has pop quizzes

– Study immediately after lecture classes

– Study at the same time every day

– Plan enough time to study

– Space studying periods out; don’t study one subject for too long

– List activities according to priority

– Study during your prime time; schedule the hardest subject when you’re most alert

– Leave unscheduled time for flexibility

– Analyze your use of time; don’t waste time between classes when you could be studying