Student evaluations, budget cuts disrupt classroom content

Patrick Gamble

Unfortunately for the students of Iowa State, the quality of our education is decreasing, while talented professors are losing their jobs due to complaints from students that courses are too difficult.

My favorite professor — the man who affected my intellectual development at this university more than anyone else — was unable to renew his contract after his originally agreed-upon three years came to a close.

It is no secret budget cuts are drastically affecting the English department; it is an unfortunate fact of the times that many people across the board are losing their jobs. While the circumstances are always tragic when the talented lose their jobs, the true tragedy lies in the minds of future students.

Because the university places so much emphasis on student evaluations, and professors are growing conscious of this reality, it appears some professors are dumbing down their courses to win popularity amongst students.

While I obviously love good grades and friendly classroom environments, education is more important than that.

I’d like to take this time to publicly address the administration of Iowa State:

Please, reevaluate the importance of student evaluations. As a student, I recognize the point of the exercise; I also personally know individuals who use the student evaluations as a medium to unleash their grudges for bad grades or strict attendance policies. Also, as a student beginning my final year at this institution, I lament the opportunity I could have had to further my intellectual development under the direction of my favorite professor.