Students showcase artwork

Julia Ferrell

Ten ISU students were unanimously successful in their sales this year at the Des Moines Arts Festival, despite a bit of bad weather; some with booths of prints of photography, while others had hundreds of small pottery pieces.

Photographer Ryan Gibson, senior in finance, displayed images from around the world. He sold 10-15 large-scale prints and felt he received good responses from the crowd.

“Most had nothing but good things to say, and a few were able to offer advice to further my work, which is always welcomed and appreciated,” Gibson said. “I handed out tons of business cards, and was even approached by a few galleries that were interested in possibly displaying my work.”

Next year, Gibson hopes to include more images of Iowa and Des Moines in his display. He believes it will interest even more customers.

Workspace ceramic instructor, Amanda Barr, sold half of the small soap dishes, dip bowls and plates in her booth in the first night, having “only had a handful left” in the end.

“With the current economy, most booths had larger, more expensive work, and while [customers] wanted to purchase art and support the artists, most of the festival was at a price range higher than they could afford,” Barr said. “I believe I was so successful because I have a relatively low price point … under $20.”

Despite the heat, humidity and storms, ISU students left an impression as emerging artists at the Des Moines Arts Festival 2010.