6 departments replace 4 in College of Design

Abigail Barefoot

The short-term structure of six individual programs will replace the existing four departments in the College of Design as of July 1.

The original four departments were architecture; landscape architecture; community and regional planning; and art and design. Graphic design, interior design and integrated studio arts are now replacing art and design, which had contained all three.

The new program directors are professor Gregory Palermo, professor of architecture; Doug Johnston, professor of community and regional planning; Debra Satterfield, associate professor of graphic design; Ingrid Lilligren, professor of integrated studio arts; Lee Cagley, professor of interior design; and Heidi Hohmann, professor of landscape architecture.

The new directors will serve one-year terms for the 2010-2011 academic year while the college’s administrative structure is evaluated and reorganized to support the new strategic direction of the college.