Crucial last minute tasks

Jolie Monroe

Some couples plan their weddings for years, while some put it together in a matter of months. No matter how long it takes, there are always those last minute things saved for weeks, or even days, before the big day.

Mallery Kucera, a recent graduate of Grand View University, is soon to be Mallery Lovan. Ben Lovan, who also graduated from Grand View University, proposed to Mallery in April 2009.

Kucera said most of the planning took place pretty quickly after the engagement. A date was set, venues were picked and arrangements were made.

With just a few months until their Sept. 4 wedding, most of the big decisions have been made, along with most of the smaller decisions, such as invitations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, food and, of course, the honeymoon. Kucera began planning early, and as a result, has had a stress-free engagement.

“I advise anyone and everyone to start planning as early as possible, it is never too early,” Kucera said.

However, even for the most prepared of couples, there are always the small details and errands saved for just days before the ceremony.

After picking out a wedding dress, and getting it tailored, it is important to try it on again, at least a few weeks prior to the wedding. 

“Everyday I think, ‘What if my dress doesn’t fit,’ or ‘What if I put it on again, after so long, and I don’t like it,’” Kucera said. 

Many brides feel this way, so trying it on more than once or twice before the big day is a good idea. If there is a problem, there is still time for last-minute shopping or a new fitting.

Days before the wedding, it is smart to check the forecast and get an idea of what the weather will be like, whether the wedding is indoors or outside. Either way, accommodations will need to be made for bad weather. Letting guests know to go to the rain location or preparing umbrellas will be handy.

Small, do-it-yourself projects are best if saved for a week or two before the big day. Centerpieces and party favors are common at weddings and making them a few weeks ahead of time will reserve enough time to make changes or get more supplies, but it will still be late enough in the game that it will be easy to follow the wedding’s theme that has been chosen.

After sending out the invites, RSVPs will be rolling in, but it is important to keep in mind things change. People will RSVP last-minute, or even cancel their RSVP.

“We have to finalize our seating chart for the reception once we get a better idea of guest count and who can attend.” 

During the last couple of days before the wedding, remember to visit the salon. Whether for a manicure, pedicure or whatever it may be, it is best to do that right before the big day, to avoid broken nails or any problems.

Last, but not least, the last-minute confirmations and verifications with anyone involved are vital. Kucera said she still needs to “attend some last minute meetings with the DJ, the reception coordinator and the wedding coordinator to make sure everyone is all on the same page.”

Caterers, florists and the wedding party are also important to get in touch with. If everyone knows exactly what is going on, the wedding will run that much more smoothly.

“I am nervous to see it all come together. Basically, I have an idea of what everything will be like, but not really. It is nerve racking to see if everything will come together to fulfill our vision,” Kucera said.

However, once the big decisions have been made, and the last minute details are put together, a well-prepared wedding is sure to fulfill any couple’s visions.