Ag Leader introduces new technology

Ivy Christianson

Ag Leader Technology Inc. has recently announced its fall release of the SMS Mobile PC software.

SMS Mobile software was originally designed to function on a PDA device, integrating the software with precision farming hardware. It allows farmers to collect information from their fields to crop scout, analyze soil samples, record field operations and create field boundaries.

Now SMS Mobile Software works not only on a PDA device, but also on netbooks, PCs and tablets.

“SMS Mobile PC puts SMS Mobile on a larger screen so you can adjust the size of windows and their location on the screen to match the way you want to work,” said Corey Weddle, director of Software Solutions. “The new portable PC device support allows for higher screen resolution, larger buttons, faster processing and more memory than the traditional SMS Mobile PDA version.”

Jessica Reis, marketing communications specialist for Ag Leader, said in developing the SMS Mobile PC software, Ag Leader wanted to give customers more device options for software operations.

“SMS Mobile PC is part of a whole line of software products from Ag Leader focusing on collecting, organizing and managing precision farming data,” Reis said. SMS Mobile software was first launched in 2008 with basic and advanced versions, the Mobile PC software will be released in fall 2010.

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