Facelift for Campustown


Logan Gaedke

A view down Welch Avenue toward the Campustown Clocktower.

James Heggen

Campustown may be getting a face lift.

Lane4 Property Group was selected as the master developer for the project in April. The company is five years old and currently in the planning process of the project.

Lane4 visited Ames in mid June and held public input sessions with different members of the Ames and university communities to get a sense of what people wanted to see in Campustown.

There was an overall public meeting as well as a number of sessions held with several different groups from the city and university, including: university administration, neighborhood groups, business owners, student groups, faculty, public safety and student affairs.

The overall public input meeting had about 60 people in attendance.

Many voiced their satisfaction with Stomping Grounds because of its attraction by students, faculty and members from the Ames community.

Peter Orazem, city councilman and professor of economics, summed up his feelings for the area at the meeting. He said he had been an Ames resident for 28 years, and that Campustown had been on a “downhill trajectory” for some time, but thought it has a lot of potential.

“I for one think Campustown is critical for the future of the town, the future of the university and our ability to attract people from other states to come to Iowa State,” he said.

There was also a desire for a some kind of grocery or drug store in the Campustown area.

Lane4 is currently analyzing the data, but Hunter Harris, director of development, said at the meetings in June that there will be more opportunities to give input about the project.

The company entered a three-party resolution with the city and university in May which spelled out obligations for each party to comply with for 180 days while Lane4 studied the project. At the end of the 180 days from the time the agreement was signed, it will be decided whether or not to move forward with the project.