Ames Public Library holds science-themed water show

Ivy Christianson

She blinded me

with science.

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“”>Ames Public Library will be

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Splish Splash Science, a science-themed presentation by Jim

Birkel, the Mad Science of Iowa guy. 

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“font-style: normal;”>Jerri Heid, youth services specialist, said

they have booked Birkel before, and have had significant success.

She said he’s very child-friendly and very informative with the

science, which isn’t an easy task because not all scientists are

good with crowds.

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“font-style: normal;”>In previous years, Birkel has done

experiments that involve blowing things up. This year, there will

be a little more of a focus on the water aspect because the

library’s summer reading program theme is Making a Splash at

Ames Public Library.

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“font-style: normal;”>“Hopefully [the children] find out quite a

bit of information, as far as science and water, but also that the

library’s a cool place to come to,” Heid said.

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“font-style: normal;”>The library is hoping for at least 100 kids

to attend the show.

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“font-style: normal;”>“Science is always fun to watch,” Heid said.

“It’s not magic, but it’s close to it, so it’s very interesting to

see the way things happen. Magic is an illusion, where science is

actual things that are happening. Sometimes science can be magical


<span style=

“font-style: normal;”>Heid also encourages kids to come into the

library because the summer reading program runs until Aug. 31, so

there is plenty of time to get involved.

<span style=

“font-style: normal;”>Visit <a href=


for more information.

<span style=

“font-style: normal;”>What: <span style=

“font-style: normal;”>Splish Splash Science

<span style=

“font-style: normal;”>When: There will be two sessions

Wednesday: 1 – 1:45 p.m.

for third to sixth graders

and families;  2:30 – 3:15 p.m. for families of all ages

<span style=

“font-style: normal;”>Where: Farwell T. Brown Auditorium at the