How to request a song for the Campanile

Kaleb Warnock

There may seem to be some strangely alluring music coming from the Campanile every day around lunchtime, but don’t be alarmed. ISU carillonneur in residence Tin-Shi Tam performs daily concerts on the carillon, a musical instrument located inside the Campanile.

A carillon is an instrument that consists of a keyboard of levers like the organ in the “Goonies”  that strike cast bronze bells tuned to pitches like the ones of a piano. Unlike the small keys of a piano, the carillon keys are actually large wooden levers operating massive bells that can range up to four octaves and weigh hundreds of pounds.

Although Tam is partial to Bach inventions and carillon composers, she does take requests for the midday concerts every Friday. She is open-minded about requests, and has even played music by bands like Green Day and the White Stripes.

There is even a Facebook group petitioning her to play “Bad Romance” by Lady GaGa during the fall, which she said she would be happy to do. As long as she has access to sheet music for the piece, Tam will consider any request.

Tam encourages students to submit their requests via e-mail to her ISU address: [email protected].