Ames teen involved in accident

Daily Staff

An Ames teenager was hit by a vehicle at 4 p.m. Wednesday: A blue KIA vehicle driven by an unnamed woman hit a red scooter driven by the Ames teen.

The accident occurred at the corner of South Franklin Avenue and Lincoln Way next to Wendy’s.

Witnesses said the teenager on the scooter was riding west down the Lincoln Way sidewalk and was turning left to go down South Franklin Avenue when the car — heading east down Lincoln Way — hit the scooter.

There was a crack in the windshield where the driver of the scooter hit the car. Several witnesses said the driver of the scooter seemed, “OK.” He was moving his arms and legs, and at one point sat up. Details as to how serious his injuries are have yet to be released.

The driver of the car did not appear to have endured any physical harm. But there were damages to her car’s windshield and some minor damages to her front bumper.