Westberg: Trolls film connects with all ages

Lacey Westberg

Movies have always been a classic go-to for people of all ages. These fun-filled motion pictures encapsulate the lives we wish we could live, cover the lives we’re glad we don’t have, or simply just entertain us. Children’s movies serve more than one purpose, with one of them being to subconsciously teach them. “Trolls,” a movie released by DreamWorks in 2016, tells the tale of the Trolls and their journey to make peace with the Bergens and find inner happiness, teaching many lessons that are vital to children and some unknowing adults.

The soundtrack in the movie “Trolls” is one that many have heard before but in a whole new way.

A movie’s soundtrack is probably one of the most important, yet underrated, things that supplement an amazing movie. The soundtrack to this movie includes a new hip twist to a lot of songs that we know and love from a few years before and current songs as well. All genres were included, from hard rock to indie folk, and of course pop. The movie does a fantastic job of picking a song to fit the situation.

For example, when the Bergens, a race of sad ogre-like creatures who eat the Trolls to experience happiness, are introduced they are singing “Clint Eastwood” by the indie rock band Gorillaz. The producer’s choice in this song, while having the characters sing along to already popular songs, makes it closer to home for the adults, as well as gives a taste of musical history in a kid-friendly way.

The overall storyline is also one of the movie’s strongest attributes. While it is just a “children’s” movie, there is more to the storyline with its underlying messages. Along their journey the Trolls face countless trials, such as dealing with self-doubt, having quarrels with friends and of course staying out of the Bergens’ bellies.

Children could hugely benefit from seeing this story unravel, as it reveals that sacrifice for others is necessary, happiness is inside you and many more lessons. The journey that the friends have to go on to save not only themselves but the rest of the Trolls makes for an amazing and inspiring storyline.

The children love the movie for bright colors and songs, but young adults and teens will probably get the most out of the character development. Through the development of characters, the movie unveils many hidden messages, such as mental illness.

By focusing on the main characters, Princess Poppy and Branch, I will tell you why their development is so important to people of all ages. Princess Poppy, the female lead of the movie, is a good advocate for mental illness. One of the main underlying themes in this movie is mental illness, specifically depression.

The male lead of the movie, Branch, loses his colors when his grandmother is eaten by a Bergen. This causes him to not display the normal characteristics of the Trolls. At first, people treat him as an outcast, not knowing what he has been through, including Poppy. But throughout the story Poppy learns more about Branch and his emotions, and she starts to help him deal with his struggles and return back to the Troll he is meant to be. Spoiler alert: the trolls are recaptured by the Bergens.

All of the Trolls lose their hope and color, just like Branch had. Sitting in the pot getting ready to be dished up, Branch sings the song “True Colors.” This makes the Trolls regain hope and courage, revealing to the Bergens that eating them will not make their situation any better.

Movie critic Owen Gleiberman said, “What they (Bergens) don’t realize is that you can’t achieve happiness by stuffing your face with Trolls, or (by implication) with anything else. The feelings already have to be there — and, in fact, they are. The movie’s message, and it’s a lovely one, is that we all have a wild-haired, beaming doll of happiness inside. “Trolls” will put you in touch with yours.”