Senate vote on facilities delayed by weather

James Heggen

The Graduate and Professional Student Senate met Monday to vote on the proposed recreation center renovations, but not enough people showed up to make an official vote.

Fewer than 50 percent of the GPSS came to the meeting, so the meeting did not meet quorum. This meant the meeting could not proceed.

John Schmitz, vice president of GPSS and graduate student in food science and human nutrition, said the meeting will probably be rescheduled for next Monday at 7 p.m., but was not sure about where the meeting would be held. He said he’s never seen a meeting canceled because it failed to have the minimum number of members there.

“First time it’s ever happened on my three years on the senate,” he said.

Mike Harvey, director of recreation services, was at the meeting to observe. He said he understood that there might not be enough people at the meeting because of the weather.

“I thought about that on the way over,” he said.

Schmitz said he thought the low attendance was because of the weather.

He said the reasoning for not canceling the meeting was because the university did not cancel classes and because of the importance of the items on the agenda regarding its own elections and the rec services resolution.

Schmitz said he didn’t think the fact the resolution will now come after the results of the referendum would have much of an affect on the GPSS vote.