The picks return: Week 10 expert selections

Week 10 picks

*Due to space considerations, Gridiron’s experts were unable to make picks for week nine. Below are the overall standings, and the results from week eight.

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Well, heading into week 10, I’ve managed to reclaim my rightful spot in the standings – No. 1. We’re getting into some of the most heated conference matchups now, and if you thought things were interesting before, just wait for the upcoming weeks. Oh, and the football games should be good, too. Actually, though, I need to use this space to correct a GLARING error that was printed in our last edition of Gridiron, which printed on Oct. 19. In it, sports editor Kyle Oppenhuizen offensively penned me as a Minnesota Vikings fan. And although I understand the his ignorance (he is, after all, a Packers fan), he couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a proud fan of the Detroit Lions, and for those who care, have been for as long as I can remember. Much like I supported my Tigers through their 49-win season, I’ve been there for the Lions through it all. And I haven’t had someone like Brett “I’m Still A Little Kid Out There” Favre running around with his index fingers in the air after a successful 2-point conversion. I’ve had such quarterbacks as Scott Mitchell, Charlie Batch, Mike McMahon and Joey “Heisman” Harrington. Does that make me a better fan than you? Absolutely.

&#8212 Pat Brown

Editor’s note: Sports reporter Matt Gubbels will be filling in for Luke Plansky this week.

Pat Brown, Gridiron editor, 52-24 (8-2)

Luke Planksy, Sports reporter, 50-26 (6-4)

Kyle Oppenhuizen, Sports editor, 50-26 (5-5)

Chris Conetzkey, Online editor, 49-27 (8-2)

Kansas State at Iowa State

Pat: Iowa State – I know, I’m nuts. But I think they just might have it in ’em this week.

Matt: Iowa State – Well, I must be crazy too, then, Pat. The Cyclones will find a way to win this one.

Kyle: Iowa State – Sorry for calling you a Vikings fan Pat. But did you see that Monday night game?

Chris: Kansas State – After a week of rest from picking games, at least we get to ease back into it with an easy one.

Wisconsin at Ohio State

Pat: Ohio State – God, I hate the Buckeyes.

Matt: Ohio State – Ohio State will lose, but not this week, because Wisconsin is highly overrated.

Kyle: Ohio State – The college team might not win, but Wisconsin’s pro team, the Packers, are hot. Anyone see that Monday night game?

Chris: Ohio State – Can’t you just see Ohio State going undefeated until the last week of the year, but losing to Michigan only to get bumped out of the BCS Championship despite having one loss?

Arizona State at Oregon

Pat: Oregon – Sun Devils are a pretender, but the Ducks need to be weary of a hangover from the big USC win.

Matt: Oregon – The Ducks use the “Flying V” to beat the Sun Devils.

Kyle: Oregon – Ducks fly together.

Chris: Oregon – Quack, quack, quack.Yes, that was a “Mighty Ducks” reference.

Nebraska at Kansas

Pat: Kansas – What was Mark Mangino for Halloween this year? I’m guessing the Hamburgler.

Matt: Kansas – Super Mario.

Kyle: Kansas – The Syracuse Orange.

Chris: Kansas – A dinner roll.

Missouri at Colorado

Pat: Colorado – Playoffs!? oops, wrong rant. I meant to say: This is Big 12 football!

Matt: Missouri – Colorado won’t be able to do “didley poo” against Missouri’s offense.

Kyle: Missouri – We’re just talkin’ ’bout practice, not a game, practice. wait, wrong rant again.

Chris: Colorado – Colorado has had some impressive wins this season over Oklahoma and Texas Tech, and I’m smelling an upset possibility at home.

Michigan at Michigan State

Pat: Michigan – The return of Hart and Henne will prove to be the difference in this one. M Go Blue!

Matt: Michigan – I can’t stand picking Michigan, but Michigan State lost to Iowa.

Kyle: Michigan – It’s a sad state. Just ask Pat.

Chris: Michigan – Michigan looked vaulnerable last weekend, but then again Michigan State lost to Iowa. Ha!

Iowa at Northwestern

Pat: Northwestern – Never underestimate some Chicagoland magic.

Matt: Iowa – The Hawkeyes don’t have Drew Tate to blow this game in Evanston.

Kyle: Iowa – I’m so glad I don’t think of the same Drew Tate insult every week.

Chris: Iowa – I just heard Jake Christensen went as something really ugly and scary for Halloween.Drew Tate.

Texas at Oklahoma State

Pat: Texas – Texas’ defense really misses Chizik. Just wait until he gets settled in here.

Matt: Texas – Defense will be optional in this game.

Kyle: Texas – Should go down to the wire.

Chris: Oklahoma State – The third loss for Texas? I don’t know, but it would not be a shock.

Oregon State at USC

Pat: USC – But oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Matt: USC – Closer than anyone will expect.

Kyle: USC – They haven’t fallen all the way yet.

Chris: USC – Dam it. The Beavers won’t win this one.

Texas A&M at Oklahoma

Pat: Oklahoma – A&M would win if at home, but the road will prove to be too much.

Matt: Oklahoma – A&M can’t win away from Kyle Field and the 12th man.

Kyle: Oklahoma – Oklahoma is still a dominant team.

Chris: Oklahoma – Despite moving down in the BCS after losing to Iowa State, Oklahoma is still good.