College football picks for week 2

Pat: (7-3)

Chris: (7-3)

Kyle: (8-2)

Luke: (9-1)

Iowa State (0-1) vs. Northern Iowa (1-0)

Pat: Iowa State – At least it’s not Appalachian State.

Chris: Iowa State – This is the game where having Chizik makes all the difference.

Kyle: Iowa State – I was close to picking the Panthers in this game.

Luke: Iowa State – J.J. Bass is in Panther’s secondary all afternoon.

Nebraska (1-0) vs. Wake Forest (0-1)

Pat: Nebraska – May be a little closer than I first thought.

Chris: Nebraska – Bill Callahan = $1.75 million a year; Chizik = $1.13 million a year.

Kyle: Nebraska – I was wrong about the Huskers last week. Surprise.

Luke: Nebraska – Deacons gave up 450-plus yards in opener; Huskers ran for 413 yards in opener.

Miami (FL) (1-0) vs. Oklahoma (1-0)

Pat: Oklahoma – Sooners are looking good this year.

Chris: Oklahoma – If this were played in Miami, I’d reconsider.

Kyle: Oklahoma – Oklahoma was impressive in 79-10 opener.

Luke: Miami – Not fooled by Oklahoma opener – Hurricane D will pick on Sam Bradford, shut down running game.

Missouri (1-0) vs. Mississippi (1-0)

Pat: Missouri – Anyone heard of any real games this week?

Chris: Missouri – Though, I was not impressed with their six-point win against the “juice”-less Illini.

Kyle: Missouri – Missouri will get off to a good start before choking to teams like Iowa State again.

Luke: Missouri – QB Chase Daniels is good; Ole Miss squeeked by in opener.

TCU (1-0) vs. Texas (1-0)

Pat: Texas – Surprising blowout.

Chris: Texas – TCU’s defense is something, but I got to stick with the home team.

Kyle: Texas – This game will be close, but Texas is just too good to drop a game like this.

Luke: TCU – Frogs can score, but can they stop McCoy and Sweed? I think they will.

Southeastern Louisiana (0-1) vs. Kansas (1-0)

Pat: Kansas – Mangino getting heavy on wins.

Chris: Kansas – Kansas is the biggest name on Louisiana’s schedule.

Kyle: Kansas – Mangino mania starts 2-0.

Luke: Kansas – Could go undefeated for awhile – biggest challenge comes in week 10 at home vs. Nebraska.

San Jose State (0-1) vs. Kansas State (0-1)

Pat: Kansas State – Wildcats start their upswing.

Chris: Kansas State – Not much to say, they’re playing San Jose St.

Kyle: Kansas State – This K-State team is going to be good.

Luke: Kansas State – Late score, turnover resulted in 23-13 loss to No. 18 Auburn last week.

Colorado (1-0) vs. Arizona State (1-0)

Pat: Arizona State – Buffaloes start their downswing.

Chris: Arizona State – Former NFL coach Dennis Erickson is leading that program.

Kyle: Arizona State – Colorado will be confident after week 1 win, but not confident enough.

Luke: Arizona State – Homefield advantage, plus Buffs coach’s son/QB Cody Hawkins struggles under the lights.

Syracuse (0-1) vs. Iowa (1-0)

Pat: Iowa – Eight days and counting.

Chris: Iowa – I miss making fun of Drew Tate. Seriously, I’m going through withdrawal over here.

Kyle: Iowa – Who has an orange as their mascot anyway? Real intimidating.

Luke: Iowa – Remember the scare the Orangemen gave you Hawk fans last year? That was awesome. But Syracuse still sucks.

Oregon (1-0) vs. Michigan (0-1)

Pat: Michigan – Fire Lloyd Carr, M. Go Blue.

Chris: Oregon – Appalachian State. LOL.

Kyle: Michigan – Wolverines are angry. This could be a dominating victory.

Luke: Michigan – Loss to Ducks could result in pandemonium the likes of which has never been seen

– Pat Brown, Chris Conetzkey, Kyle Oppenhuizen and Luke Plansky