EDITORIAL: New approach with Daily’s fresh start

It’s another new school year, and the staff of the Daily looks forward to the fresh start and continuing improvement of the paper.

Since the Daily functions as a professional newspaper and business, it is always evolving to keep up with changes in the industry. In the coming year, you can expect several changes and improvements that will allow the Daily to better serve its readers.

The most noticeable change is the Daily’s evolution from a newspaper to a more-encompassing information center. Life happens in real time, and with the advent of the Internet, it’s possible for us to report on campus, local, state and national news as it happens.

That’s why we’ve redesigned our Web site to focus on our updates at nontraditional times.

Weekend sports recaps will be published the night the events take place, and breaking news won’t have to wait for the next morning.

The site, which had its soft launch this past week and will continue to be polished and grow, will also prominently feature more photos, more graphics and more multimedia than ever before. The news no longer has to stay dormant on the page.

As always, the Daily strives to be as professional as possible.

We want our staff to be the most representative slice of campus possible – everyone is encouraged to apply, not just journalism and advertising majors.

We would love to hear your feedback. Contact editor in chief Pat Shaver at [email protected] or opinion page editor Josh Hillman at [email protected]

We want to be the voice of the ISU community, and with our shift to 24/7 news and a Web focus, it’s easier to add your voice to the mix. We still welcome and publish letters to the editor, but check out the community on iowastatedaily.com to respond to individual stories and read what others thought.

We’re excited for the upcoming year, and we hope you are too.