Feminist Friday Preview: Mothering in the Academy

Macy Ott

Audience members will learn about being a mother in college during this week’s Feminist Friday. Rosie Perez, an assistant professor in the school of education, will present 1 p.m. Friday in the Sloss House.

“Feminists Fridays are for everyone,” Perez said. “It’s important to have conversations like these so we recognize underrepresented populations. It’s not like the experience of the classroom. Here, the assignment is life.”

Rosie Perez is an assistant professor in the School of Education who specializes in student development theory, professional socialization of graduate students, social justice training and education and organizational learning and development. Friday she will discuss what it is like for students and staff on campus who have children.

“Women students are less likely to graduate, more likely to have greater debt and less likely for career advancement,” Perez said. “We need to be asking why.”

The discussion will be mostly centered around graduate students and Iowa State faculty who are mothers.

“There is a large population of students who are parents, who are largely invisible,” Perez said. 

The discussion is free and is open to any student, staff or community member. Ruxandra Looft, the director the Margaret Sloss Center describes Feminist Fridays as, “an informal conversation in a welcoming environment.”

“Feminism is for everyone,” Perez said. “It’s important to have conversations about these things. We are always learning.”