City to seek public input on FY 2019-20 budget proposal


Kennedy DeRaedt/Iowa State Daily

(left to right) Mayor John Haila and Chris Nelson, representative of the 4th Ward, listen to staff presentations at the Ames City Council meeting. Ames City Council held a meeting Jan. 15 in City Hall to discuss the 2019-2024 Capital Improvements Plan. Staff members gave a presentation on their recommendations for the next five years.

Devyn Leeson

The Ames City Council will make their move on the fiscal year 2019-20 budget before their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday.

The budget decisions are based on three days of budget discussions between different parts of the city and the city council. Their final budget proposal will allocate federal, state and local funds to all city utilities, programs and departments. This includes utility maintenance, power production, affordable housing funding, fire and police departments and every other city program.

The Tuesday meeting will give the public a chance to provide input on the budget proposals, something that was not available over the three days of meetings. A final budget decision is set for City Council to decide in May.

The city council will also look into a pre-annexation agreement within one of three potential annexations by the city before the end of the year. Between the three annexations, there is a combined 500 acres of land.

The agreement is being created to allow for terms of the residents in the area to be annexed into the city’s limits on a voluntary basis. A similar agreement was done in 2013 for the “Frame” pre-annexation agreement in North Ames along Hyde Avenue, according to city council documents.

“The Frame agreement provides an example of minor concessions related to existing homes entering the City voluntarily,” according to council documents. “The agreement does not address in detail obligations that a developer would assume for the development of the property, nor do the agreements address zoning and subdivision standards.”

City staff recommends the council approve a similar proposal to the 2013 agreement but with minor adjustments. For complete details, the agenda and breakdown of the pre-annexation agreement can be found on the city of Ames website.

The council will also vote on a post-construction stormwater management ordinance that is required for the city to continue with multiple city projects.

“Several development/re-development plans are said to be on hold until this amended ordinance is adopted, therefore a request to do all three readings in one City Council meeting has been included in the alternatives,” according to council documents.

The amendments were first talked about and proposed in a special council meeting on Nov. 20, 2018. Since then, there has been multiple opportunities for public input and the city has reached out for perspectives from stakeholders, so the city manager’s recommendation is to waive the second and third passages of the ordinance and to adopt it as amended.