Letter: We need the Iowa State Daily


Jake Miller/ Iowa State Daily

Letter writer Hassein Rife explains why the Iowa State community needs the Iowa State Daily. Pictured above: a stack of Iowa State Daily newspapers from the 1930s found in the archives at the Ames Historical Society.

Hassein Rife

The Daily is essential. Many students just see it as another email cluttering their inbox, but their services extend beyond the Daily Dose. 

The Daily’s online PDF archives extend back to 1995, providing an invaluable historic vault of noteworthy events. This provides a way of peeking back in time at “the way things were.” 

More importantly, the archives also cover questionable decisions by those in positions of power at ISU that received backlash because students were made aware of them by the Daily’s coverage. Said archives offer some assurance that knowledge of those events won’t become entirely lost to time. If we have no way of informing ourselves about past controversies and their impacts, it will be impossible to recognize patterns of ill intent. Actions that directly affect you may be carried out quietly and swept under the rug because “everyone will forget about it in four years.”

You may not care about what the Daily says tomorrow. But someone 20 years down the line might. To cut the Daily is to burn knowledge.

Hassein Rife is a senior in electrical engineering.