Boogie’s first studio album is an anomaly in modern hip-hop


Boogie released his debut studio album “Everything’s for Sale” through Eminem’s label, Shady Records.

Jeshua Glover

West Coast rapper Boogie has been a consistent force on the rap game for a while now, but due to the current landscape of hip-hop, his music hasn’t been widely recognized.

Previous projects released by Boogie have been recognized as legitimate gems, he is truly a product of the 90’s R&B era. His latest release “Everything’s for Sale” is accredited as his first studio album, although his last two projects “Thirst 48 pt. 2” and “The Reach” are very similar to full-length albums.

Despite Boogie’s lack of commercial recognition, he didn’t deviate from his original sound with “Everything’s for Sale.” The album, just like others by him, is completely organic and reflective, speaking about his various relationships with family, women and friends. The rapper is very open about his emotions on this album and how he worries for those who matter the most to him.

Boogie shows he is not purely a rapper, bringing R&B vibes on this album. There is a great gospel influence on the album as well; using background instrumentals and vocals as a perfect complement to the lyrics.

In “Swap Meet” Boogie makes garage sale metaphors to explain how he feels about a woman in his life and is the definition of bedroom music. 

The rapper has a knack for dropping ground-breaking bars, but on this album he spits with one of the most prolific wordsmiths to ever touch pen to paper. Boogie pairs up with the pride of Detroit, Marshall Mathers (Eminem), for “Rainy Days,” a collaboration that is truly one for the ages.

“Everything’s for Sale” has this very sensual feel to it and, with a strong injection of classic West Coast hip-hop, is something you can take a long drive to. This album is the type music that you would hear during a family reunion barbecue during the heart of summer.

Boogie’s studio album debut is quite clearly a classic and I’m sure it, along with the artist will be around for a very long time.

Boogie – “Everything’s for Sale”

Verdict: 8.5/10