Meet the candidates: StuGov Senate


Members of Iowa State’s Student Government make their way through the night’s agenda during their meeting Oct. 24 in the Campanile room of the Memorial Union. The meeting centered on funding for Latinx Initiatives, Rodeo Club, seating at-large members to the finance committee and confirming members to the election commission.

You know the student fees you pay to attend Iowa State? Part of those fees go to Student Government to spend on your behalf. That’s just one of the roles the Student Government Senate plays in representing students based on where they live or which college their major falls under.

On March 6 and 7, you can vote via a link sent to your email for the individuals you feel would best represent you in your college and residency. We asked them to tell us a little bit about what they hope to do if elected. Here’s what we found out. 



Name: Drew Goluch

Major: Software engineering

Name: Caleb Warren

Major: Biology

Name: Samanu Madesh

Major: Computer Science

Pronouns: He/him/his

Why are you running?: Being a IRHA representative from Wallace and Wilson Hall. I saw the potential to improve the quality of living in the Residence Halls. I want to make students to live in the Halls and do well in their academics.

Name: Mason Zastrow

Major: Political science

Why are you running?: I am running because I believe that I can properly and responsibly represent the interests of those living in every residency hall. I have been a very active participant in the Inter Residence Hall Association this past year as a Representative from Wallace/Wilson. In IRHA, I worked to make sure that we are serving the interests of all residents, not just IRHA Reps, or floor Presidents, but every student who we oversee. I will have the ability to do the same, only more so, as a Student Government Senator, where the best interest of all students will be kept in mind. I will represent YOU!

Frederiksen Court

Name: Madison Mueller

Major: Agricultural business

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you running?: College is an adventure like no other and I want to make Iowa State a home for every student that attends this University. This past year, I was a Senator for the College of Ag Sciences, but as a Community Adviser for Frederiksen Court, I feel that my connections there enable me to have a dependable voice for Freddy Court residents. Student Government and the Finance Committee of StuGov have been a crucial part in my success here at Iowa State, and I want to help other students in any way I can to reach their full potential.

United Residents of Off Campus

Name: Noah Heasley

Major: Computer science

Why are you running?: As a current senator, I feel as if I haven’t had enough time in Student Government yet. It’s been almost a year, but there are still so many meetings, projects, and events I want to be apart of. I love being able to represent the student body in anyway I can, but I believe that being a senator is the best way I can do that. If I am elected, my goal is to do things that students actually want done. I want to hear the ideas they have for improving Iowa State, and to do my best to achieve their goal. That’s why I’m running.

Name: Dustin Reis

Major: Pre-liberal studies

Pronouns: He/him/his

Why are you running?: I am running for UROC Senator because I want to be the voice of many students living off campus and to make sure that everyone’s opinions are heard. I just want to put this out there that I am an openly gay part time student trying to make a difference and that is another reason why I am running as well.

Name: Francis Jayoma

Major: Finance

Name: Kaitlyn Roling

Major: Chemical engineering

Name: Alyssa McMichael

Major: Agricultural and life sciences education

Why are you running?: I am running for UROC Senator because I believe that I can effectively represent students living off campus. I am excited for this opportunity to work with student leaders, organizations, and administrators. I very passionate about this position and I have previously served as an IRHA Senator, and a member on both the University Affairs and Public Relations Committee.

Name: Hayat Sumael

Major: Criminal justice studies

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you running?: I want to run for UROC to represent the off campus students who are underrepresented and give them a chance to get involved on campus, letting them know that their voices are being heard. I want the off campus students to know their opinions still matter to the school no matter how far they go and that this school does not just represent on campus students but everyone.  

Name: Matthew Klaes

Major: Chemistry

Why are you running?: As a member of the Civic Engagement Committee of Student Government this past year I saw the importance of getting students involved and excited about their representatives, and who is their closest representative if not Student Government. I am running for UROC Senator because I have lived off campus this past year and am excited to listen to the concerns of the others who live off campus and be an engaged advocate for all of them in Student Government.

Name: Morgan Mitchell

Major: Finance

Name: Jacob Schrader

Major: Economics 

Why are you running?: I am running because although Student Government has accomplished a lot in the past 2 years that I have been a Senator, there is still much to do. Our fees and tuition are rising, students do not know the resources available to them, and the average student barely knows that Student Government exists. I promise to keep doing all that I can to improve the student experience at Iowa State.

Name: Sydney Dondlinger

Major: Psychology

Why are you running?: I am running for UROC Senator because I want to be a voice for students living off – campus. I want to help students who have issues, questions or concerns in any way that I can. I currently serve as one of the UROC Senators and I absolutely love it. It would be an honor to continue to be able to serve my fellow Cyclones.


Name: Emma Plum

Major: Pre-business

Why are you running?: I’m running for the CPC senate seat because I am affiliated with a CPC chapter, and the Sorority and Fraternity Community is something I’m really passionate about. I was involved in student government in high school, and I am also the vice president for my residence hall house, Helser Rowe. Besides that, I’m also involved around campus through Sorority and Fraternity Community Ambassadors, Dance Marathon, STARS (Student Admissions Representative), committees within my sorority, and my job at the Iowa State Foundation. I feel as if being a part of the senate is a great opportunity for me to become more involved with the Iowa State community as a whole, all while representing the community and organizations that I love so much. The Panhellenic women I’ve met in my first five months here at Iowa State are some of the most intelligent, strong, inspiring, beautiful people I’ve met in my entire life, and I would love to be their voice in the greater Iowa State community.

Name: Morgan Fritz

Major: Political science

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you running?: My name is Morgan Fritz and I’m a freshman in political science. I am running for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council senate seat because I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the sorority community, and I would love to serve on its behalf. It is filled with determined, intelligent, hardworking, and selfless women, and I want to represent those values accordingly within Student Government. If elected, I would represent the needs and concerns of all students by being accessible and open to their ideas and contributions. Furthermore, I would advocate for smart spending and allocation of funding, issues of campus safety, and keeping student activity fees as affordable as possible. As an ISU Legislative Ambassador, I will be addressing issues of college affordability and medical amnesty at the Iowa Capitol, and I believe this shows that I am committed to making positive changes for students at Iowa State.


Name: Zachary Mass

Major: Software engineering

Pronouns: He/him/his

Why are you running?: I am running for Senate to continue representing the work of the fraternity community at Iowa State.  It is important that the fraternity community continues to be involved in positive dialog with the rest of the student body and that they have a strong voice representing them in the student senate.


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Name: Hans Riensche

Major: Agricultural business

Name: Kelsey Culbertson

Major: Environmental science (AGLS)

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you running?: I am running for the CALS Senator position because I love Iowa State. Student Government was the first place on campus that I really got involved, and I want to help students find the same experience. For the last two years I have worked to implement initiatives that affect students on campus in a positive way. If elected again, I will continue to work hard for the students of this university. I want to keep visiting organizations and get their opinions about what needs to be changed on campus. Some projects that I’m currently working on are the Campus Farmer’s Market with Senate Sanchez, a Student Care and Wellness Fund, and lease gap housing and storage for students.

Name: Alexa Gormley

Major: Animal science

Why are you running?: I am running for the position of CALS Senator because I am passionate about representing my college in front of Student Government. As a member of the College of Ag and Life Sciences, I am extremely grateful to have the opportunities that I have been given so far through my college, even though I am only a freshmen. If I were to be elected to this position, I would always keep the best interests of the students within the College of Ag and Life Sciences in mind, as well as those of the entire student body.

Ivy College of Business

Name: Diana Echeverria

Major: Supply chain management

Name: Joshua Hanyang

Major: Entrepreneurship

Pronouns: He/him/his

Why are you running?: I want to support student success by providing the right resources for involvement both inside the classroom and out. Finding a community of friends in clubs that cover identities, career preparation, arts, athletics, or other passions is one of the most important privileges of attending Iowa State. Currently, I enjoy spending time as a Cyclone Aide, a member of Business Council, and Treasurer and member of the Iowa State Singers. Representing the Ivy College of Business would be an honor for me – using the perspectives of all students to serve their most critical needs, I can empathize with the rigors of balancing studies, activities, and work.

Name: Jack Bender

Major: Accounting

Pronouns: He/him/his

Why are you running?: I am running because I am passionate about Iowa State University and the Iowa State University experience. Throughout my time at Iowa State University I have been able to grow and develop as an individual and I want to make sure every student has that experience. I also have become very passionate about the College of Business and want to make sure students within this college have a voice, where they feel comfortable and confident voicing it. It would be an honor to serve as a senator for the College of Business.

College of Design

No listed candidates.

College of Engineering

Name: Ahmed Hassan

Major: Mechanical engineering

Name: Anthony Tonet

Major: Civil engineering

Pronouns: He/him/his

Why are you running?: My name is Tony Tonet; I am a junior in civil engineering, and I am running for a position as Engineering Senator in Student Government. I am running for this position because I want to put my all into elevating the voices of engineers on campus, and letting their opinions be heard in Senate and by faculty. I am currently an at-large member of the University Affairs and Civic Engagement Committees with Student Government, so I have the StuGov experience necessary to make the impacts required by the position. I am also in my second year of being a Community Adviser; this position has given me a love for helping others and supporting everyone in a community. I hope to use my experiences in these positions to help advocate for all engineers across campus.

Name: Sandeep Stanley

Major: Aerospace engineering

Pronouns: He/him/his

Why are you running?

I’m running for re-election because my work isn’t done yet. I’ve had the pleasure of representing residence hall students as an IRHA senator this last year, and one of my main goals has been bridging the gap between the campus and residential communities here in Ames. To that end, I’ve spent my term serving as a member of the University Affairs committee and planning an event, together with the Mayor and City Council, that is designed to increase interaction and understanding between students and longtime residents. I also want to keep working on bridging the gap between StuGov and you, our constituents. As an IRHA senator, I’ve devoted a lot of time to outreach and just generally being accessible for questions and concerns, and I will redouble my efforts for Engineering students. I also aim to use the institutional knowledge that StuGov members have to increase awareness about the various resources we have for students on campus. I hope you will consider voting for me, and Go Cyclones!

College of Human Sciences

Name: Nicole Latimer

Major: Kinesiology and Health

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you running?: I am a sophomore in Kinesiology and Health with a minor in Psychology. I am currently running for Student Government Senator representing the College of Human Sciences. I am running for Student Government because I feel I will represent our college with the student body’s best interest in mind and I want students to feel free to approach me for any grievances or recommendations. If elected, I plan to represent and advocate for my college along with the overall student population through listening and relaying student suggestions or concerns with my position in the Senate. I also will offer diverse subject matter to our student government meetings since I am very involved on campus already and directly hear issues regarding Campus life. Some issues I plan on addressing are the dining center experience and promoting our student health and wellness department.

Name: Ashley Burns

Major: Elementary education

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Name: Camila Estrada

Major: Criminal justice studies

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you running?: Hello! My name is Camila Estrada and I am a sophomore double majoring in political science and Criminal Justice. I am from South Elgin, Illinois, suburbs of Chicago. I currently serve the position of the Senior Director of Events for the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA). After being involved in the second largest organization on campus closely relating to residence hall students, I learned the importance of the voice and opinion of the student body. I want to now represent my college of Liberal Arts and Science as a Senator. I am running to represent each and every student within my college, and put all challenges and issues forward to be known and acted upon. I want each and every LAS student to feel welcomed and represented for regardless of their race , gender, color, or background. Giving back to the community is what I love doing the most, and there is nothing that will make me happier than being able to represent the voice of many. If elected, I will continue to work towards social justice and overall peace on campus. I desire to create effective communication with my college for overall feedback.

Name: Trinity Dearborn

Major: Women’s and gender studies

Why are you running?: Hi! I’m Trinity Dearborn and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. I’m a junior in Women and Gender Studies. I’ve been involved in Student Government this last year though the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I am also the Vice President of the Pride Alliance as well as the Asexual Aromantic Alliance. I am a visible queer person of color on campus, but don’t mistake those as my only identities! I am heavily involved on campus and try to go to every event I can to further my understanding of different topics. My involvement gives me the opportunity to talk to many people and hear their thoughts or concerns. I will be a great senator by listening to every perspective! Feel free to send me a message or email me if you have any questions. You can stay updated with my campaign at!

Name: Lane Kunzie

Major: Criminal justice studies

Why are you running?: I am running for senate for the College of LAS to, simply, better the campus at Iowa State University for the faculty, students, and incoming freshman planning on attending the university. I want to advocate for the free services offered at Iowa State, such as the student counseling services. There is a huge stigma over mental health, and college is hard, so no student should feel as if they’re going through the process of attaining a degree alone. I also want to enhance the “Green Dot”, as it is an amazing protective program for students at Iowa State. Sexual assault is a crisis at college campuses; if I can take a step towards advocating for policy to decrease the possibility of sexual assault on campus. I have several other ideas on bettering the school’s environment. Overall, being a senator and representing the student body’s interests is a goal of mine. I would love to advocate for the university, and I will take every opportunity to fulfill my duties. I love this school and I want other students to love it just as much.

Name: Brenda Goh

Major: Political science

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you running?: I am running for the position of LAS senator to strive for diversity and inclusivity  for students of different backgrounds. I want to be able to push for the recognition of student initiatives on campus and to provide funding for organisations to encourage participation. As an event programmer for the International Student Network in the College of LAS, I have experience in providing both academic and welfare support to the students in LAS which has since allowed me to form connections with the advisors, staff as well as the different departments. In addition, I am also the representative for my organization in the Multicultural Leadership Council which provides funding for  other organisations. If elected as a senator, I will raise the issues that are present in the different communities to provide a better representation for the needs of the student body and to ensure that more efforts are directed to student welfare.

Name: Lydia Greene

Major: Political science

Name: Jacob Ludwig

Major: Economics

Why are you running?: I am running for Senate because I want to be a voice for change, fiscal responsibility, and student’s rights on campus. In the time I have been on campus, I have dedicated myself towards working for my fellow students. Whether it has been my work as the President of Freshmen Council, my time as Legislative Ambassador, or my involvement as a member of the ISU Committee on Lectures, I have never stopped trying to make life on campus better for all students. These experiences are ongoing of course, but they have shown me not only what is possible when we let students lead, but how to work inside of the bureaucracy we have at ISU. I would like to take what I have learned and serve my fellow LAS students directly, giving them a representative that will listen,  support, and respect them.

Name: Mckenzie Meradith

Major: Political science

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Why are you running?: I am running for the position of a Liberal Arts and Sciences senator in order to truly be a voice and advocate for all Iowa State students. I hope to bring visibility and awareness to the student body of the role that student government plays and how they strive to help the everyday student make the most of their adventure at Iowa State. If elected, I would actively interact with LAS students in order to know how I can best represent their opinions and concerns. I would love the opportunity to work towards implementing positive change on campus and being the voice of my fellow students.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article listed Sandeep Stanley as a candidate for IRHA and misspelled his name. The article has been updated to reflect his actual candidacy and the correct spelling of his name. The Daily regrets this error.