Alumni return for weekend

Luke Willamon

ISU students who miss their parents have an opportunity for a reunion this weekend at the ISU Family Weekend 2001.

About 2,000 families are expected to attend this weekend’s event, and some parents will get to relive their own Cyclone pasts while visiting their kids.

Julie Larson, alumni officer at the Alumni Service, said the parent visits are great opportunities for parents to pass along stories of their own experiences at Iowa State with their children.

“It’s an opportunity for parents to get together with their own family, show their kids around campus, relive the past and share Iowa State memories with their kids who are at Iowa State,” Larson said.

Alumni Susan Grundmeier and Ron Brownlee said they are excited to see their old campus and the new students.

Grundmeier, a 1978 graduate of advertising design, said she works out of her Urbandale home as a freelance graphic designer for Pioneer Hi-Bred International. She said the knowledge she built for her career was extremely beneficial to her success.

“I think I had a good education there,” Grundmeier said. “I miss the learning environment the most.”

She said she enjoyed her experiences outside of the classroom as well.

“The intramural sports were good.” Grundmeier said. “[I liked] being able to go out and play sports. You didn’t have to be good.”

Grundmeier and her husband, Jim, a 1976 ISU graduate, will visit campus this weekend to see their son, Lucas, freshman in pre-journalism and mass communication.

“We’re looking forward to it,” she said. “I look forward to seeing my son again, going to campus, and going to the women’s volleyball game, hockey game and football game.”

She said Lucas has always been a Cyclone fan. Growing up, Lucas was involved with many activities held on campus, including the Iowa Talent Search and Web classes, Grundmeier said.

“We couldn’t get him to look at any other colleges,” she said.

Brownlee, a 1964 graduate in industrial administration is now retired from Coastal Corporation in Houston, Texas. He said Iowa State was the perfect place for him.

“It has a good reputation, and we have been well-treated there,” he said. “The cost is reasonable, especially if you are in-state.”

Brownlee said a disadvantage to Iowa State is the size. He said it is easy to get lost in the crowd in comparison to smaller schools.

“You can get lost if you’re not careful,” Brownlee said. “You have to look out for yourself and take care of yourself.”

He said when he and his wife, Jane, a 1965 ISU graduate, come to Ames on Friday, they plan to attend a class with their son, Charles, junior in electrical engineering.