Beat Box

Cancellation angers fans

Fans went haywire after city officials cancelled what was going to be a free System of a Down concert in Hollywood.

Angered fans tore through seven city blocks, destroying the band’s equipment – including drummer John Dolmayan’s new drum kit – and breaking store and car windows.

This went on for over two hours while SWAT teams and police officers on horseback attempted to control the crowd.

Officials had called off the concert after deciding that the nearly 7,000-person crowd had grown too large.

System of a Down’s publicist said the band tried to reason with officials to no avail.

Six fans were arrested. No one was injured.

Carson Daly vs. Motorola

“TRL” host Carson Daly has filed a breach of contract suit against cell phone company Motorola.

Daly claimed that the company did not come to terms on a $1 million deal that it had previously agreed on with him.

Daly has appeared in television ads for Motorola in the past.

`Grease’ to be a TV movie

The popular musical “Grease” may soon be a made-for-TV movie if ABC gets its way.

Paramount Network Television and ABC have reportedly struck a deal that will have the updated version airing next year.

– News gathered from, E! Online.