IRHA will not reconsider newspaper readership program

Jill Pearson

Continuing discussion about the Newspaper Readership program was put to rest after Thursday’s Inter-Residence Hall Association meeting.

David Kraemer, editor of the Ames Tribune, petitioned again for parliament to reconsider the four choices of national papers for the program. He said numbers during the readership program showed the Ames Tribune was read by students.

“We entered in this program in good faith believing the four papers would be chosen,” Kraemer said. “We didn’t know a fifth paper could be entered in.”

Towers Residence Association Treasurer Scott Kovach spoke on behalf of the Tribune and motioned to reconsider the bill.

“I don’t think we considered the numbers,” he said. “I would like everyone to think about this. We are in a position to drastically affect not only the Tribune but the Daily and the Register.”

TRA President Tony Luken said nothing on his end had changed, and his constituents felt strongly in favor of the papers already chosen.

“I stand by my vote,” he said. “Nothing has changed.”

Matt Kossoff, Wilson Hall representative, said there was very little interest in the Tribune from his constituents during the trial period. “We can’t please everyone,” he said. “In this case, it’s the Tribune.”

The motion to reconsider the Ames Tribune as an option in the readership program failed.

Government of the Student Body President Andy Tofilon and Vice President Charlie Johnson also presented a letter writing contest at the meeting. Tofilon said part of his plan to fight tuition increases is to encourage students to write letters to state legislators expressing their opinions about the possible 20 percent increase.

“We are hoping to have 5,000 letters sent out,” he said. “The house that has the most letters per capita in each association will receive $200 to spend during dead week and Finals Week.”

Both other state regent schools, University of Iowa and University of Northern Iowa, are participating in similar programs, Tofilon said.

He said he will attend as many house meetings as possible to explain the contest.”I don’t want to be thinking we didn’t do everything we could have this spring when we stand in front of the Board of Regents next fall,” he said.