Christians to gather at Fusion 2001

Amy Pint

Christians around campus will have the opportunity to join voices at Veishea during the Fusion 2001: Christians Gather event at 8 p.m. April 20 in the Great Hall.

“We want to invite other Christian groups in a celebration of those groups on campus,” said Mike Despard, producer for the Cornerstone Alliance Church, 111 Sixth St. “Our prayer is that this event will demonstrate unity among believers as we cry out to God in worship and celebration.”

He said the event will include video clips that “capture a small glimpse of what God is doing at ISU through the various student ministries.”

Mike Arant, a worship leader for the SALT Company, which is organizing the event, will organize music for the event.

“There are as many people here excited to fill the Hilton Coliseum with worship as there are to fill it for a basketball game,” Arant said.

Unity is the key for the evening, he said.

“God seems to be opening an unprecedented door of opportunity at ISU, namely, that all followers of Jesus Christ will have a context to join in worship,” he said. “Christians at ISU desire unity, and that starts by rallying together in worship. Together, we join in unity with one agenda, and that is to bring glory to God.”

Despard said he and his staff have spoken with many Christian groups on campus and hope to have 750 to 1,000 people in attendance.

Dashan Sardine, senior in community health education, said she’s happy the Body of Christ Christian Worship Center was invited.

“I’ve had a heart to see Christians come together across denominational barriers for some time now, and Fusion is a noteworthy effort toward that end,” she said. “The SALT Company’s worship team’s heart is bigger than themselves – that’s how Christians should be. Their execution is excellent, and I’m looking forward to the event.”

Gary Schmalz, campus director for Campus Crusade for Christ, said he’s also happy to be invited to the event.

“I’m always excited when different groups or churches get together,” he said. “I just hope to see people who are not interested in Christianity become interested in Jesus Christ through this event.”