Newly elected IHRA execs ready to act on their campaign promises

Jill Pearson and Amber Billings

After being announced as next year’s Inter-Residence Hall Association president and vice president, Paul Duncan and David Boike said they are ready to take on their positions.

Parking is the No. 1 issue the two said they will be tackling.

Duncan said he plans on working with Doug Houghton, manager of parking at the Department of Public Safety, to alleviate problems.

“IRHA has never looked into parking as an issue before,” he said. “We need to see if we can’t help resolve some of the problems.”

Duncan said they will focus mainly on better use of parking spots but not necessarily on expanding parking.

An example would be creating more loading zone spots from other spots that aren’t used as often.

There has also been significant progress made this year concerning the Internet cap in the residence halls, he said.

“We want at least 500 megabytes instead of 200,” Duncan said.

Boike said he will also be working to improve the IRHA Web site.

“I’ll be talking to [Academic Information Technologies] about the ResHelp Web site and to try to modify the IRHA Web site,” he said.

The ResHelp Web site would act as a reference guide for all residence hall members, Duncan said.

Food service quality control improvements will be another focus for Duncan and Boike next year.

“We want to improve not only the food, but with the service itself,” Duncan said.

He said this year was difficult because he spent much of his time pulling IRHA out of a rut from the problems at the beginning of the year regarding elections.

“I spent most of first semester bringing IRHA back to being a legitimate student government of established student leaders,” he said.

After problems with candidate eligibility in past elections, Boike said it will no longer be an issue in the future.

“This past election was interesting,” he said. “The bylaws really don’t state anything specifically about it.

During the next few weeks, though, we’re going to be fixing it so we can avoid it in the future.”