Newspaper program will come to ISU

Jill Pearson

The bill to implement the USA Today Readership Program in the fall was passed 21-0-1 last night at the Inter-Residence Hall Association meeting.

The final decision was made to go with the $10 Monday through Friday option. Papers included are the USA Today, the Des Moines Register, the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Presentations were made by Mike MacGee, regional marketing manager for USA Today, and Mark Witherspoon, faculty adviser for the Daily. Witherspoon spoke against the Ames Tribune as an option because it would be detrimental to the Daily’s readership. Carrie Tett, Daily editor in chief, and Mike Stitt, Daily student advertising manager, also spoke on behalf of the Iowa State Daily.

Craig Hester, manager of circulation sales for the Register, said he hopes the program spoke for itself during the trial.

“Our goal is that no residence hall will run out of papers,” he said. “We hope you will find value in the program.”

Witherspoon, adjunct instructor of journalism and mass communication, said the Daily is in no way opposed to the readership program. He said he merely wanted to make sure the residents were completely informed.

During the program trial, Witherspoon said the Register and the Ames Tribune ran many stories relating to Iowa State, which he said would not be the case next fall. “It was like the February sweeps during the trial period,” he said. “The papers were putting in as many ISU stories as possible.”

He also said the best local coverage would come from the Daily.

“That’s what we’re here for – we provide the best local coverage you’re gonna get,” Witherspoon said.

Also discussed at the meeting was the issue of whether or not to keep Stan Perdios, Larch Hall representative, on the election ballot with running mate Michael Mikkelsen, Wallace Hall representative. Paul Duncan and David Boike are the other slate.

Perdios said Saturday during an interview with a Daily reporter that he no longer desired to run with Mikkelsen because of opposing opinions. The election committee voted unanimously Wednesday night to keep Perdios’ name on the ballot.

Perdios said his right of freedom of association was violated by the election committee by keeping his name on the ballot.

IRHA parliament voted 10-5-7 to keep Perdios on the election ballot with Mikkelsen.