Perdios drops out of IRHA exec race

Jill Pearson

After a sudden disbandment Saturday, only one slate will be running for Inter-Residence Hall Association president and vice president.

Stan Perdios, junior in journalism and mass communication, announced his decision to no longer run with Michael Mikkelsen, junior in computer science, because of differing opinions.

“I just realized I can’t run with [Mikkelsen],” he said. “I can’t – because I love IRHA, I can’t run with you,” he said during an interview with a Daily reporter and Mikkelsen.

A main issue the two disagreed upon was related to the pending state Legislature budget cuts. Perdios said he is vehemently opposed to any tuition increases, while Mikkelsen said the Government of the Student Body and IRHA are not taking a positive stance on the situation.

“I am against the approach they are using,” Mikkelsen said. “We need to work with the legislature not against it.”

He said he will be looking for a new running mate during the next few days.

“I think that the only reason Stan ran is to discredit my campaign,” he said. “He tried to trick me. Stan is making up excuses for why he’s backing out. I haven’t heard any legitimate arguments to why he’s dropping out. He knew from the beginning how I felt; he ran knowing that. I’m willing to work with people who have different opinions, and I thought Stan was too. Apparently that is not the case.”

IRHA Vice President Steve Skutnik, chairman of the election commission, said Perdios’ decision to drop out makes Mikkelsen ineligible to run without a running mate, according to IRHA bylaws. He is still eligible as a write-in candidate if he finds a running mate, he said.

“This was certainly not expected,” Skutnik said. “I am surprised it took this long for Stan to realize that he was diametrically opposed to his running mate.”

The remaining slate is Paul Duncan, IRHA President and David Boike, Union Drive Association at-large.

Duncan, junior in transportation and logistics, said he respected the decision Perdios made and fully understands it.

“Stan Perdios is a well-respected representative in IRHA that has deep compassion for his constituents’ concerns,” he said. “Being that he saw his running mate didn’t have those same concerns, Mr. Perdios’ decision is quite appropriate.”

As for their own platform, Duncan said he and Boike will be focusing on three main points.

The first will be to work on the improvement of parking, and not only on the enforcement of parking regulations but also the division of parking spots.

“Different houses have varying needs and wants,” Duncan said. “For example, Oak-Elm has expressed a want for more 15-minute loading spots.”

The second objective is focused on food service. He said there is always an issue of quality, but recently there have been concerns raised in regards to customer service.

“We are paying for the service; we should get something tangible,” Duncan said. “We are not receiving the full benefit.”

Boike said the pair’s final point deals with the Internet cap of 200 megabytes, which is enforced through the ISU network.

“When we find problems with the net cap, we want to find out what we can do about them,” he said.

Also, getting residence hall students’ voices out this year has been the most important thing he has worked for this year, said Boike, sophomore in electrical engineering.

“Residents have too long been an underrepresented group,” he said. “We have had a quiet voice, and I have pushed to get the voice of the students out on campus.”