Juice won’t be part of basic dorm rate increase

Jill Pearson

The Inter-Residence Hall Association voted down a juice bill at their meeting Thursday night after nearly an hour and a half of deliberation.The bill was divided out of the room and board recommendation parliamentary order, while the basic rate increase of 5.3 percent passed 19-2-0.”The basic rate increase was overwhelmingly approved,” said Tony Luken, Towers Residence Association president. “Iowa State’s increase is one of the lowest in the Big 12.”The juice bill vote came down to a vote of 11-11, which required IRHA Vice President Steve Skutnik to cast the final vote. He chose to abstain from this vote, and the bill failed.Skutnik said he did not feel comfortable voting on behalf of the residents for a $20 increase. He also said the bill will lie in limbo since it did not pass parliament.”Since we didn’t make a recommendation to the Department of Residence, I don’t think it’s going to come up again in the near future,” he said.Luken said the length of the debate and the division between IRHA members on the issue shows the division among the residents.”Towers is a good representation that the residents are very divided on the issue, and this shows that this is something the students do not want as a majority.” he said. “There needs to be more than a majority to raise rates $20 for all students.”Richardson Court Association President Andy Walling said the closeness of the decision clearly showed that the constituents were not ready for the juice bill.”Well, in the end we did it, we said nothing,” Walling said.IRHA President Paul Duncan said he was satisfied that the matter was resolved in a good manner.”I am very pleased with the outcome,” he said. “I am glad that all the members represented their constituents.”