Not even Shaft could save ESPYs

Jordan Gizzarelli

ESPN’s ESPY Awards Show once again proved that the worlds of entertainment and sports do not mix well and probably never will.The night started out with a Red Carpet Special hosted by Stuart Scott in which athletes and stars of the entertainment world were interviewed as they entered the show. At one juncture of the Red Carpet segment, Scott showed his invariable sports and golf knowledge by referring to the immortal Jack Nicklaus as Jack Nicholson. Scott, who is always quick to praise Tiger Woods for his play, did not appear “as cool as the other side of the pillow” this time.ESPN again showed its undying allegiance to Woods by handing him four ESPYs Monday night. Among others, Woods took home Male Athlete of the Year and Championship Performance of the Year honors. Many may disagree, but the fashion in which the Yankees won their third consecutive World Championship was more impressive to me than Woods beating someone in dramatic fashion that he should dominate even if he was playing left-handed using only a 7-iron.The Baha Men again appeared on ESPN, this time popping up on the ESPYs to present the Team of the Year. They performed a disgusting rendition of the musical disgrace “Who Let the Dogs Out” and chanted “who let the Yankees out,” “who let the Ravens out,” “who let the Comets out,” etc. If you’re going to have a musical group perform on your awards show ESPN, have someone on that doesn’t embarrass and make the entire sports world nautious at the same time. This occurrence, of course, forced me to change the channel. Even Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t save this clash of Hollywood and the sporting world. Jackson’s material was so dry and restricted that the three-hour production seemed to crawl along almost as slow as Jack Nicklaus’ acceptance speech that almost put everyone to sleep. Joe Theismann in his Redskins uniform also did not help out the show.Why does the sporting world feel they need to have a black-tie affair awards show? Do the athletes not receive enough press and airtime on regular television that ESPN needs to displace their best three hours of programming, Big Monday, in exchange for the Excellence in Sports Yearly Awards show?Who let ESPN out? Michael Eisner did, and maybe he should put Stuart Scott, Melissa Stark and the rest of the crew back where they belong — on Sportscenter where they can read the TelePrompTer that tells them who they are talking about.Jordan Gizzarelli is a sophomore in journalism and mass communication from Davenport