IRHA to investigate RCA

Jill Pearson

The Inter-Residence Hall Association ordered the investigation of an association financial account due to discrepancies in spending.Kristy Stallmann, finance director, said she noticed holes in the Richardson Court Association’s budget pertaining to the financing of Homecoming and decided “that something needed to be looked into.”Vouchers from the celebration had not been cashed by the Homecoming committee, said Andy Walling, RCA president. RCA had borrowed money from the IRHA discretionary account, and he said RCA had not spent nearly as much as he had planned.”We are assuming the vouchers were lost in the depths of the Alumni Association,” Walling said.IRHA President Paul Duncan said the finance committee’s reasoning for the investigation was that money that comes out of IRHA needs to be accounted for.”Please don’t think that we are attacking RCA,” Duncan said. “This is the first time this has ever happened. In the future, we are going to keep closer tabs on the associations.”Stallmann and her committee acted professionally when they looked into the situation, Walling said, and the investigation will probably be finished by next week.”I am sorry,” he said in apology for the budget confusion.Walling also introduced a bill that will make it harder for parliament to pass legislation concerning room and board increases during the meeting. According to the bill, the vote will require approval by two-thirds of the members instead of a simple majority of votes.”The simple majority should not be able to tell other students, ‘Yeah, you need to pay more,'” he said.