IRHA to discuss new bylaw bills

Jill Pearson

Three bills to make minor changes of the bylaws will be voted on tonight by the Inter-Residence Hall Association. The meeting will be tonight at 7 at Chessman Lounge in Helser Hall.Rick Cordaro, Union Drive Association president, said the first bill concerned the standardization of the agenda, the standardization of the rules of debate, the way bills are coded or numbered and some of the more important parliamentary procedural motions. The second bill will make parliament’s legislation more easily accessible to their constituents by having copies in the IRHA office, 2415 Friley Hall, online at the IRHA Web site and one in the possession of IRHA Vice President Steve Skutnik.”[It] asks that copies of the bylaws be placed in locations so that anyone can have access to them,” Cordaro said.He said the third bill will clarify the ranking of parliament and executive members in the bylaws. “It basically says that if someday someone doesn’t realize that there is a conflict with a law, the law in the constitution takes precedence,” Cordaro said. “This will clear up the way people interpret laws if the rules in the constitution says one thing and the rule in the bylaws says another.”Skutnik said there will also be two new bylaw bills introduced to parliament. These were written by the Internal Affairs Committee and concern parliamentary procedure, including attendance policy and specific procedures for impeachment, he said.”Right now the only procedures for impeachment are for the executives — and they are very vague,” he said. “This bylaw will make the steps of impeachment specific for the parliament.”